Progress quickly with personalized coaching

In order to improve, our school films all your sessions in order to analyze your surfing, your strengths and especially to review the movements and sequences to improve. How to use ocean currents, choosing the right place and time to paddle out, duck diving, paddling efficiently, keeping yourself in line to catch the best waves, tips and advice that will make your next sessions easier.

We will also work on a more technical aspect by focusing
on certain maneuvers such as the take off, bottum turn,
 e-entry, cut back, etc…

You will leave with a clip of your surfing, a training program and exercises to apply in order to progress quickly.

Training, personalized coaching, video analysis
Accessible to all 3 people maximum

Duration of the course
1h30 of surfing, 30 minutes of video analysis

1 lesson: 90 €

Canon 7D, Canon 100/400 lens, Manfrotto Tripod, GoPro